HCLab equipment

Laboratory equipment includes several commercial devices as well as ones developed and assembled by our team.

Our staff carry out deployment and operational trainings to be sure that our staff will be able to mount, operate and unmount it at the research vessels or in the fields.

Our own devices:

Cloud camera:

CloudCam-002 CloudCam-001

developers: Mikhail KrinitskiyAlexey Sinitsyn


Commercial devices:

Kipp&Zonen CNR1 Net Radiometer:

CNR1-001 CNR1-002


Kipp&Zonen CMP 21 Pyranometer:

01_Pyranometers_08_CMP_21_01_CMP_21 01_Pyranometers_08_CMP_21_02_CMP_21_without_sunscreen KippZonen_Picture_Solar_Applications_01-Pyranometers_CMP21_001


Kipp&Zonen CGR 4 Pyrgeometer:

02_Pyrgeometers_02_CGR_4_04_CGR_4_Dome 02_Pyrgeometers_02_CGR_4_01_CGR_4


Lufft R2S-UMB –Radar Precipitation Sensor

IMG_4850 R2S-UMB-005 R2S-UMB-006


Lufft WS300-UMB Smart Weather Sensor:



Lufft Ventus-UMB

Lufft Ventus-UMB